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Photos of Town Hall Meeting Event Mahaka Media With Mr. Erick Thohir


Town Hall Meeting
Mahaka Group

"Synergy between Units Must Be Reinforced"
In order to survive and win the competition in the current era, the synergy between units in the Mahaka Group must be strengthened. The synergy between units is expected to widen the targeted market, according to Mahaka Group chief commissioner Erick Thohir in a Town Hall event held Monday (24/7) in Jak tv studio, Jakarta.

Mr. Erick Thohir considers that business synergies among the Mahaka Group units still need to be improved in order to become more competitive in business competition. For example, it is very potential if there is a collaboration between Radio and Mahaka Advertising Advertising. Sport Groups such as IBL and LIMA are also expected to synergize.

In addition to highlighting the synergy between units, Mr. Erick Thohir also assessed the comfort zone or comfort zone in the management ranks. "Even many are too comfortable so it is not good for business development".

Mr. Erick Thohir, who was also the Managing Director of Mahaka Media, actually wanted to go back to the mountains again in Mahaka Media. However, because there is a responsibility from the state that leads the Olympic Committee of Indonesia (KOI) and the Organizing Committee of the Asian Games (INASGOC) then the desire to hold back Mahaka Media postponed until the 2018 Asian Games finish.

Although the competition in the business Media is sluggish, but still optimistic with the overall economic development. "If we look at the business data that we continue to follow, this is the first time in Ramadhan this year the advertisement of media sluggish, but I believe the future will be better, considering Indonesia's economic growth remains positive at 5% We can rise through innovation, Hard work and improvement in terms of synergy among Mahaka groups "