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Mahaka Advertising Melakukan Penambahan Aset

MONDAY, 02 MAY 2016

2015 was marked by the addition of asset LED / Videotron company that began operations in December located at Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall . The operation of the LED Videotron adds to the company's assets premium location. In addition to adding a new location assets, Mahaka Advertising conducting evaluation and closing asset LED / Videotron less productive by relocating to the area and the location was more promising.

Advertising Mahaka 2015 a joint venture with SMG formed subsidiary PT Sinar Media Perkasa engaged as outdoor advertising media company with a focus on working on district property Sinar Mas Group . 

By conducting market research and business studies are expected to mature in 2016 Mahaka Advertising has a better business foundation and capture the great opportunities in the outdoor media industry .